HR Management


People management can be complex and time consuming and take you away from managing your business. If you don’t have an in-house specialist then HR Capital Solutions is your trusted partner to assist you in managing the people issues.

People issues can be far reaching – from sourcing a great candidate, managing their performance, dealing with maximising their potential a solution can be found. Having an understanding of what the business trying to ultimately achieve is critical. Having determined the issues then working with your HR partner will ensure a win-win for all parties.

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Finding the ‘right person’ for positions within your business is the first step in ensuring you have the ‘right people of the bus’. HR Capital Solutions has been working in regional areas of NSW and knows the challenges that all businesses have in recruiting and retaining talented personnel.
Hire for attitude, train for skill, mentor for development


Once you have your new team member how do you ensure that you have them in the ‘right seat on the bus’. Performance management and coaching of team members is an important component of tapping into the strengths and capabilities of your people. Regular conversations, showing an interest and supporting any opportunities to increase capability will have a significant impact on overall engagement of your team.
A team member that is fully engaged will go beyond the call of duty


Being known as a good employer will attract potential employees to your business. Having the appropriate, systems and processes to effectively manage your people efficiently and professionally will save time and ensure that you have all the checks and balance in place.

Ask today how we can assist you in your recruitment, retention and building your reputation.

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